I’ll love a dance with you
Under the moon,
With your scarlet lips on mine,
Your caress
Slithering its tentacles on my body,
And your waist swaying on my reverbs.
I’ll love a dance with you
Under the embers of the February’s moon.
You, yes you, my bride and pride,
Your dance, your waist beads, my joy.




I dug till I met the crust of your smile
And realized it wasn’t mine.
You should have told me
‘Cos I’ve fallen so much that
I can’t find my way home.
Hey, you should have told me.

“I wish I could show you the way out,
But I love you so much that
My heart’s jungle wants you lost in it.
Yes, the love you saw behind my smile wasn’t yours.
I can’t hide that truth.
I’ve been lingering around
Believing he will return as promised,
But he sent a matrimonial missive a year ago.
I didn’t know how to recover
Until you irrigated my tattered soil
With the rains of your love.
I’m forever yours.”

That’s all I want to hear.




My heart is lonely.
It awaits your presence—
Sunshine of my soul’s turquoise sky.
With you, life’s an Eden—a garden of smiles.
I love everything you—
Your flaws included.

My heart is longing for your presence—
Moonshine of my heart.
With you, I am in a ball,
Dancing my sorrows away.
Everyday with you defines paradise.

Nothing completes me more than you, Ohemaa.
You are a good handler of a home.
My kids will be safer in your belly,
For you etch good morals on indecent souls.

You come first before anything else—
The best life offered me.
My unborn kids will rain tons of curses on me if they aren’t your breed.
You’ll be to them a father—
One who disciplines with the rod of love,
And we shall be an example of quintessence—
Simply amazing.

TurksonQuills & Tirola

Glossary: Ohemaa (Ghanaian Language, Akan) — My queen.

Photo credit: Google images