Earnest Writes Hub : Celebrating 5 years In The Literary Scene

Have you ever woken up to something that changed your perspective of life?

Here’s a snippet of what one of the members of EWC tells us :

“This is something that EWC did to me. I was scrolling through the WhatsApp statuses of people when I came across a basic article writing class by EWC. Let me tell you, I was not a very good writer nor did I have enough confidence to present my work to someone. So just seeing a status post I ended up gaining some very basic knowledge that one wouldn’t expect to seek in a free article writing class. Since that day I have found my family, a writing family or ‘wrimily’ as we call ourselves. This community helped me discover the writer in me with all the love and support that I needed. The first class I got was on how to raise your self esteem and that’s what makes EWC different from others. They won’t teach you to be just good but will build you from within to be the best version of yourself.”

Now you must be wondering what EWC actually is? 

EWC stands for “Earnest Writes Community”, a community of writers and poets founded by Boakye D. Alpha. Earnest Writes was created five years ago on 25th of December to help both professional and budding writers to polish their skills and provide them with the platform that most of the writers lack in today’s world. This year, in December, Earnest Writes is celebrating 5 years of its successful journey in this field. 

The Founder, Boakye D. Alpha strongly believes that  “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” which is a very famous quote by Maya Angelou and one of the biggest reasons behind the foundation of EWC that has made it thrive so strongly over the years. 

Boakye D. Alpha is a published author, poet, script writer, editor, proofreader, blogger, motivational speaker, student journalist and an entrepreneur. His works can be found on Amazon, Pabpub and various other publishing platforms. He happens to be nominated in the category of best blogger, writer, author of the year in the Ghana Student Awards (GSA). This man of great patience, ever-developing skills and sheer humbleness, has been a long-time inspiration of many people across the world, especially the EWC members and it is appropriate to say that it is his hardwork and dedication that took EWC to greater heights.

Since the past years, the members of EWC have shown their excellence in the field of poetry writing, fiction writings, screenplay writings, article writings and many other genres with the help, love and support from this community. EWC bridges the gap between the writers and publishing houses so that they can present their talents to the world. EWC recently started its own publishing branch to help writers with a place where they can seek editors, proofreaders, anthologist experts and graphic designers. They as well provide publishing on various publishing platforms and e-launches, marketing and outsourcing services to make your book reach a wide audience. It is a publishing centre you could call your home with the variance and services it provides so generously. You also get gigs for freelance jobs if you plan to earn some money through your daily writings. Even if you feel that you are still discovering yourself as a writer, EWC is the place you are looking for. They provide you with the motivation and confidence in writing, your work will be reviewed by professional writers that help you figure out your flaws and learn under them.   

Overall, Earnest Writes Community is a ‘safe haven’ for the writers by all means and has now expanded in nearly every part of the world; its members consist of people from different cultures, races, nationalities but they all stand as one family. This family is celebrating its 5 years of joy and happiness together and warmly welcomes you to be a part of us.

On this special occasion they have organized some exciting events which will begin from 16th of December to 4th January. 

On 16th December you will know more about the history, mission and vision of EWC by the board of directors and heads themselves; it will be conducted at 3pm GMT.

On 22th of December, they will have a mental health session and giveaways of some of the favourite books which are a treat to every book lover. 

At 2-6 pm GMT on 24th of December, an EW drama will be performed by the Founder Alpha himself, followed by book readings, interviews and discussions!

On 26th of December, there will be a launch of the book ‘Forbidden Tales’ by EWC which will be held at 3-7pm GMT. 

And this long list of surprises just goes on with a lot more games, Instagram lives, award functions and fun activities that will be held as a part of this celebration! Above all, they have planned out a hangout for the members in Lagos, Nigeria. If you wish to join this community and be a part of it, the link has been provided below and as they always say, Earnest Writes Community will be glad to have you!

Contact Earnest Writes on
(+233 50 165 4935)
Instagram – @earnest_writes 
Facebook – Earnest Writes
Twitter – @earnestwrites 

Join EWC’s family here! 

Know more about Forbidden Tales

A short summary:
Have you ever imagined yourself in a situation that could make your heart skip beats, shivers run down your spine and butterflies dance in your stomach?

Have you ever experienced things you weren’t supposed to but did anyway? Have you ever found yourself in a situation where “curiosity kills the cat” is the perfect expression for you?

Forbidden Tales” is not your average paranormal-fantasy book. It comes with a blend of mystery and thriller.  It is a collection of short stories that have gone through painstaking research so as to give you a whole new experience of mystery on another level.

This book is not for the feeble-hearted. This is one for all those who are ready to journey through suspense, dark, horror and intriguing adventures. You are not a fanatic of mystery? This book promises to make you one! 

( https://pabpub.com/books/320/ )

Written By: Zainab Aqueel Ahmad
Twitter – @zainabaqueel