She’s a swipe of realities,
A deity to fairies,
And a twilight to midnight’s series.

It took only but a look into her eyes
and the gaze into her smiles
to understand the words voices failed to speak.

She’s mine; her beauty is mine to savour.
She smiles the ancient beauty of tradition
and her curves walk the aisle of Africanism.

The battlegrounds bow to her walking stance
and sing the alphabets of her name, Victory.
Hail Victoria! Queen of Elysian bliss.
How madly I am in love with thou.



DEAR GOD, A poem by Nana Ananse.

Dear God,

I’ve got a lot of questions I’d like to ask
I want no third persons but just the two of us
It’s not about this time and its masks
Nor about options and musts
But about you.

What’s in your being?
And where have you been?
You said you’ve got no mates
Yet everything about you is a debate

Lord I don’t wanna say we’re done,
But why are you jealous about others if you’re only one?
Now religion has destroyed families,
Set distinctions and promoted diversities:
It has separated people and destroyed cities.

These old world is tearing into pieces
Humanity is losing its peace.
Now religion is one of the greatest of the world’s cankers,
And it’s destroying people more than COVID-19 and cancer.
What is the lie or the truth?
Speak, Dear God: for men say you’re all of these things root.

©️ Nana Ananse



Je ne sais pas si je pourrai jamais réparer les morceaux cassés du miroir qui nous ont reflétés dans le passé.

Je connaissais sa beauté décente ineffable, mais je l’ai fait attendre pendant que je sortais avec sa meilleure amie.

J’ai fracturé sa silhouette d’amour et je l’ai tuée avec les mots avec lesquels je l’ai nourrie






Turkson the Poet:
Many a year ago
I thought my life will be a child and not for the old
Seeing the world as glitters of gold
Neglecting how a second flick of time can turn my life cold
I was young and naïve, curious and wrong
I made certain turns that buried my essence for long

AJ Oti:
Now I am lost in my thoughts
Scrambling around trying to find myself
Darkness is all I am now
All I see
All I feel
Darkness is all I am now
Maybe I’ll stumble upon the years time had buried before
Maybe I will find that child I used to be again;
Sitting amidst this plaque
Waiting for a light maybe
Waiting for hope

Turkson the Poet:
I never knew the real me
So I danced the rhythms of corruptible friends in glee
Not realizing the cost it came with
Listen, my life was full of fragments and endless flaws
I followed unnecessary socialization laws
And my life became heaven and hell
A light dark mystery I couldn’t tell
I sailed with the shallow minded
Yet I craved to be a great person
Hypocrisy at its best; I’m grounded
With the fellow I became; a sin

AJ Oti:
This sin floats
It sways endlessly in an ocean of regrets
Constantly pulling back and forth
Across the things that’d will me
Even though I’m numb to pain now
I longed to be lost with the waves
To be found at the bottom of this ocean
Away from everything that makes drollery of my existence

Turkson the Poet:
I wanted to be found among the oceans
Make everything that defines me come to light
But then I remembered that
I joked with my time
And I thought it was just fine
Because I never had a society’s hand
That could lead the way and give a first line head band
My life drained and swallowed the desert sands
All that is left of me is a fear of everything I failed to understand
This choice
This lifestyle
This demon
I harbor in me has killed the essence of my living
O h Gush! I messed up

AJ Oti:
Many a year ago
I’d hoped I could be reborn
To see the world for what it is
To see that it really can’t be gold
I’d held on to these lies for too long
That they left bruises in my palms
But never again
I shan’t be trapped in this puddle of insecurities
I shan’t be lost in this river of fears
I shan’t fade into this same darkness that had me captive for this long
Never again
I refused to be tamed by my demons again

Turkson the Poet:
Demons of the old and new
Choices I already knew
And won’t fall back on them again
So friends
I have been here before
And hoping not to make the same fall
Which left me in this sluggish state
Was it actually laced in my fate
To encounter strange junctions
For which my strength functions
Not to make the right turns
Tell me which road ends
Or leads to the right course
I simply don’t want to make a loss
In this decision I am opting for

AJ Oti:
Crossroads or not
I’m the choices I make
Crooked or straight
I’m the path I take
I choose to watch the waves
Caress the sand and not take me with them
I choose to find myself floating
Somewhere in this darkness
Like the star I’ve become
Crossroads or not
I am the choices I make.

Turkson the Poet (Ghana)
AJ Oti (Nigeria




These scars are the memories
of pain that linger inside of me.
They remind me of the incisions between my thighs,
and how I lost my pride,
to the face I never knew.

If death were to bear inscriptions,
mine’d bear my brother’s writings.
That death houses itself in my father’s house,
and with its familiar cologne, every other night,
this grim reaper snakes into me.
I and my sheets have been raided,
of sanctity, and the need to live on.

My smiles and recherché aura are just a deception;
a mirage, a lie, a facade
that ensconces the searing twinge I felt
on the night my innocence was murdered
by the extension of a he who I deemed an indefectible lamb.
My urbanity was shattered, battered, and transformed to a slum;
a place of no ecstatic decency.
The me you knew of is now a mess
who sees stains in every man
because that lamb left castles of hell in me.

I’m writing this in the middle of the night
with no lantern with me or a candle light.
I’m here alone in the dark
thinking of how pained I am with the scar,
the scar that marked the pain on my body
leaving me heartbroken and burdened.
I’ve always cried in hope
that one day the scar would leave,
yet, it stays making me to grieve





Her love for me; exceptionally exquisite
Always providing more than I expect
She never lets down even when I fault
Guiding me down the aisle
Lest I hit my foot against the regrets my soul will detest

Her smile so genuine; having no glitches
Her smile speaks louder than words
Making sure her children find the perfect path
In all ramifications of life

Which love loves better than thine?
You endure the starve so I might eat
You got married to the cruelty of the streets
Yet you keep the tables full to the brim

A precious gift
Iyani wura,mother is golden
Paragon of virtue
An irreplaceable gem





Between the thighs
Of lots of beautifuls,
And in the mouth
Of the gorgeous.
In there,
I have tried to fill
This void.
The void that creates
Emptiness and
Steals away my joy.
Sex is my solution
To loneliness.
It is my distraction
From pain and identity crisis.
So I find solace in a moment
Of pleasure.
As I step out of her embrace,
The demons drill more,
They make this void deeper.
Then truth is revealed,
Sex is no solution.
I should probably find

©️TD Adams