I stopped writing the moment you left.
You were my inspiration for every single word I thought of.
I loved the desire of your eyes when they looked at me.

Many a time, I felt your hug was the safest haven (tears flow from eyes).
Since you left,
I’ve swum in reverie thinking we were a thing,
Thinking we were a bliss,
Thinking we were better than hatred’s abyss,
But I dreamt of a fallacy—we were just a fling.

Days birthed—crawled—walked into the lair of years,
And years gave up the salt for new dawns.
Love, I still held you close to my heart.
If there was something I did,
You should’ve told me,
But you chose to walk the aisle of the dumb.

Why, why did you leave?

My love began and ended with you.
Death is whispering its silent, ebullient, melodies in my ears

Pen drops in pain—moves to the noose.

‘the silent estate welcomes a new soul’


3 thoughts on “THE SUICIDE NOTE”

  1. • Unrequited Love

    • Love Without Sacrifice
    This is a common trend in our society, where the relationship is solely dependent on adrenaline and attention. I believe the beginning of this “unrequited love affair” you wrote about had butterflies in the stomach in the first place whilst things turned sour as the time came flashing.
    She was not ready to sacrifice from her end and the persona got emotionally bankrupt.
    This analogy can be linked to a deity, for example, someone is always sacrificing something of value to a dirty and expects something after a time nothing is forthcoming he or she begins to doubt and definitely, if nothing comes they would be a crash.
    Relationships are like that too the mind gets fatigued the heart gets tired too that’s a relationship that is most enjoyed when the feeling is mutual. We should at some point consider obsession is not loved.

    • Sacrifice Without Love
    The persona ended up taking his life. Life was hard so death had to be easier but in reality, it’s an unworthy sacrifice because life goes on
    “My love began and ended with you.
    Death is whispering its silent, ebullient, melodies in my ears”
    Heartbreak and its different degrees can lead to a different endpoint including suicide to me it’s a sacrifice without love.
    It’s one thing for her to be aware of ( the persona is doing it for a cause) -“sacrifice for love” than doing it as resignation.

    A great read with awesome literary devices.

    Mazel Tov


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